​Avoiding Crisis in the ED / Reducing Inappropriate ED Utilization by Adding a Case Manager to Your Staff

​There is a crisis in emergency rooms across the country because of long waits, delays, overcrowding, and inappropriate Emergency Room visits.  Find out more about improving patient flow and safety from the ED.  Download a copy of Avoiding Crisis in the Ed/Reducing Inappropriate ED Utilization by Adding a Case Manager to Your Staff.

​Are You Starting Right in Epic Transplant Phoenix Build Implementation?

​Our EPIC Clinical Expert in Ambulatory Care and Phoenix Transplant Module shares how to get the most out of your implementation or upgrade. Download now to learn more about the Six Important Considerations When Implementing the EPIC Transplant Phoenix Module.

Are You Prepared for EHR Optimization?

​​​​​A poorly planned EHR Optimization Plan can cause administrative chaos. Be ready and identify major issues pro-actively by downloading a copy of EHR Optimization.

Concerned About Cost Savings and Increasing Efficiency in the Ambulatory Care Setting?

​​​​Learn more about optimization. Download a copy of Optimizing Cerner Ambulatory EHR with Integration of Cerner Scheduling Management.

​Have ​You Evaluated the Risks and Challenges of Comb​ining Your EPIC Upgrade with an Add-On Application?

​​​​Download now your complimentary copy of Upgrading Epic at the Same Time as an Add-On Application Go-Live: Benefits and Challenges.

​What You Need to Know Before Your Next Case Management System Upgrade or Replacement.

​​​​Don’t find out too late it was a successful IT implementation but it does not improve patient flow or automate processes for users and managers. Ask the right questions and download a copy of Critical Areas That Affect Electronic Case Management System Implementation.

​Is Your Healthcare Organization Interested in Identifying Revenue Leaks and Implementing Action Plans? 

​​​​This white paper is a must read for healthcare executives, revenue cycle professionals, financial executives and denial management departments who what to know how to identify and stop revenue leakage. Download now Tips to Stop Revenue Leakage in your Hospital Revenue Cycle.

Are You or Others Tasked with a New Healthcare Facility or Medical Office Building Design or Expansion?

​​​It is important to be aware of the five golden rules for building new hospitals and medical office buildings. ​Download a copy of What Every Healthcare Organization Should Know about Deploying IT When Planning and Designing a New Healthcare Facility.