| Quality Management and Patient Safety

Quality Management and Patient Safety

An essential component of running a successful health care organization is providing excellent clinical care and realizing quality / patient safety outcomes. Hospitals cannot afford to let quality or patient safety programs fall behind. Quality Healthcare Partners (Quality) has talented and high-level expertise to drive your Quality Management and Patient Safety Initiatives to successful completion across the healthcare continuum. Our team is available to work throughout the United States and Canada to assist acute care facilities, post-acute care, accountable care organizations, managed care, ambulatory care and hospital systems.

Our Experience and Service Offerings:

  • Quality Management Annual Work Plan Development / Audit Plan
  • Prepare for Joint Commission Surveys and Corrective Actions
  • Manage Quality Assurance and Patient Safety Meetings
  • Conduct Chart Audits and Clinical Record Reviews
  • Assist with setting up a Patient Safety Program in Facilities
  • Patient Safety Training and Educational Programs
  • Complete Risk Assessments
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis
  • Assist with Integration of Patient Safety into Quality Improvement
  • Perform a Department Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) to measure the effectiveness of your programs in Quality and Patient Safety
  • Policy and Procedure Review and Development
  • Preparation and implement performance improvement initiatives
  • Project management using six sigma and performance improvement methodologies

Quality provides these additional services:

  • Interim Director of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Interim Quality Improvement Specialist Position Vacancies
  • Interim Corporate Risk Management Safety Consultant