| Quadramed Affinity (Harris)

Quadramed Affinity (Harris)

Quality Healthcare Partners (Quality) offers a broad range of services supporting the QuadraMed/Harris Affinity software. Our Affinity professionals bring many years of experience installing, upgrading, tuning, and implementing Affinity systems. Not only do our consultants apply their technical skills and application knowledge to each engagement, but they also leverage their project management experience and their extensive knowledge of the healthcare environment.

At Quality, we understand your healthcare mission and your business needs. Our professionals are seasoned veterans of healthcare operations and are dedicated to fostering the success of our clients.

Quality’s Affinity services include:

System Installations

  • Application Build and Setup
  • Functional and Integrated Testing
  • Admin Staff Training
  • System Management
  • Project Management

Release Installations

  • Release Management
  • Impact analysis on current processes
  • Plan, Coordinate, and Assist with necessary testing
  • Admin Staff Training
  • Aid in Go‐Live Functions

Technical Services

  • Financial & Clinical Systems Query Writing
  • MUMPS Programming
  • Performance Tuning
  • Assistance with hardware upgrades
  • HL7 Interface Setup and Testing

Financial Systems Assessments

  • Registration
  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement
  • Review of dictionaries for accuracy and content
  • General Ledger Crosswalks
  • Patient Accounting
  • Electronic Data Management (EDM)

We take pride in working closely with client personnel to achieve outstanding results and to transfer critical knowledge to your staff.