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Interim Hospital Leadership

Interim Hospital Leadership

Senior executives and department directors are critical to the success of every hospital, health care system and ambulatory care organization. Unfortunately, there are times when one or more of these leaders are unable to fulfill their responsibilities due to becoming ill, being promoted, leaving to pursue different career options, or termination. Key roles left vacant can quickly cause serious harm throughout your organization.

Quality Healthcare Partners (Quality) can fill your key open positions with seasoned veterans who bring a successful track record and will dedicate themselves to the success of your organization. Quality’s interim executive or department director will “hit the ground running” providing stability, continuity and success for your organization.

Quality Offers a Broad Spectrum of Interim Hospital Leadership Services

Over the past 20 years, we have provided temporary placements for the following types of positions:  Executive, VP, C-Suite, Managers/Directors

Within the following areas:  HR, Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Legal/Regulatory Compliance, Quality, Care Management and Nurse Executives