Quality’s  Information Systems Planning services include strategic information systems planning, capital and operational budget planning and project planning. Quality employs information systems professionals with years of experience in developing and executing these plans. We believe that strategic information systems plans must be developed in coordination and in support of the institution’s business plan, goals and objectives. It has been our experience that when strategic plans are not developed in this manner they usually become credenza documents and are never used. Every project or system recommended in the plan should be specifically tied back to the business plan, goals and objectives. When we develop a plan the final document of the plan is the matrix which shows where and how the recommendations tie back to these. In addition we recommend that our clients use this matrix process in every future budget process to evaluate requested systems and projects. When systems and projects are requested and cannot be tied back in this manner it is usually a good idea to question the need for the system or project.

At Quality, our professionals have developed and executed these types of plans in both consulting positions and as employees of healthcare organizations.

Quality’s Information Systems Planning services include:

  • Strategic Information Systems Plans
  • Capital and Operating Budget Planning
  • Project Planning for Application and Technical Projects

Quality takes pride in the quality of the work we produce. One of our key goals is to produce plans that organizations will benefit from and use. We feel confident that you will be totally satisfied with the plan we initially produce and that you will call us back for assistance when it is time to update it.