| Employee Testimonials

Are you tired of being treated like a number in your company? Have you ever woken up to the news that the company you planned to grow your career with has been acquired by a corporation many times larger? Would you be interested in working for a company that nurtures a fun, progressive, and respectful culture? A company whose growth goals are based on creating an environment where people can plan and build their careers for the long-term, not the next buy-out? Are you looking for a company culture you can build your career around?

Here at Quality, we live a special corporate culture together every day. While there are many dimensions of our dynamic company, the most important is our culture. We consider ourselves a family. We care for one another, we rely on one another, and we look out for each other. Building a company on these principles means that we all share in our successes and challenges alike. None of us here at Quality celebrates achievement or faces adversity alone. We are committed to fostering the advancement of our team members through education and leadership opportunities.

Quality is always seeking bright, energetic professionals to complement our dynamic team. If you would be interested in finding out more about employment opportunities with our organization, please email your resume to careers@qitp.com.

There are many benefits to working for Quality.  I like Quality’s focus on customer service and employee  engagement. Every job assignment is matched with the best possible consultant for the position. Quality supports their people in the field whether on short or long term projects. This is a great place to work and be successful.                                                                                                                                                             – Susan S.

I joined Quality just under a year ago.  They are truly like a second family to me. The executive team and staff all have your back.  Everyone is involved in helping you mold and advance your career.  I love working with Quality and have never met a nicer group of people.

                                                                                                                                                                         – Sandi G.

“As I approach my year anniversary at Quality, it is hard to imagine not being surrounded by so many genuine, humble, motivating people.  In such a competitive industry, it energizes me to know my family has my back, through all the ups and downs in work and life.  It is unique to find a group with so much passion for their work, while being truly interested in how I want my career path to unfold.  Quality is my family and my backbone. Everyone is always just a call away.”

                                                                                                                                                                         – Duane K.

“As I approach my 5 year anniversary with Quality, I can still say that my favorite thing about this company is the people. Everyone is so supportive of each other whether it has to do with our dreams or speed bumps that life throws our way…whether it is on our career path or our personal path. We all genuinely care about one another.”
-Kerri Y.

“Being an employee at Quality is a breath of fresh air compared to other companies I’ve worked at. I don’t feel like a number, I feel like part of a family.”
-Rebecca C.

“I’ve learned a lot about healthcare information technology and myself, through my experiences at Quality. Each day, I am exposed to new roles in which I contribute to a diverse range of projects, learn new technologies and accept new exciting challenges. It’s truly rewarding to be part of a company that supports their employees, strives for work/life balance and where philanthropy is such a priority.”
-Karen D.

“At Quality Healthcare Partners  ‘Work/Life Balance’ isn’t just a cliche, I see it in practice every day.”
-Karen R.

“I have never worked for a company that was genuinely concerned about my well being. I feel I have the total support of co-workers and company leadership whether I am pursuing professional development, managing a client, or sharing ideas that could impact company policies. I definitely have an identity here—not just a number and a client I am assigned to.”
-Kelly R.

“I am about to celebrate six years with Quality Healthcare Partners  and can honestly say I have loved every minute of it. I could go on for pages about why I love working with Quality, but I will start with my number one reason; the people. Not only are the people I work with hardworking, talented, fun, dedicated and passionate individuals, they are my family. At Quality, you are not just a number, you are a name, you matter, your ideas are relevant and everyone has a voice…a voice that’s heard. I’ve never worked with any other company where Senior Management, (CEO and Partners) are so accessible…and not only do they know your name, they make a point to know you on an individual, personal level. I am very honored and humbled to do what I do every day.”
-Cyndi P.